Stop Foreclosure for the Holidays!

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Simply look over your loan application (i.e. form 1003). Review it to determine if the occupancy, employment, income and asset information is the same as you submitted to the loan officer.

If not, get out your Deed of Trust. Look at the occupancy section (normally this would be item # 6 or 8 of your Deed of Trust), notices section (normally this would be item # 15 of your Deed of Trust) and grievance sections (normally this would be item # 20 of your Deed of Trust) and is found in the last paragraph of this area.

Going over the above mention documents will explain the affects of using false information on the loan application, how to notify your lender and under what authority you have to do so!

So now that were here, contact your lender by phone and go over this knew found information, and according to the notice of grievance section of your Deed of Trust file a grievance once you confirm the misrepresentations with the Lender (click here for a copy of this grievance).

These falsities were created by the loan officer and ignored by the lender’s account rep and underwriter in order to guarantee their commissions’ from closing the loan.

In most cases the loan officer and account/underwriter are no longer employed by the broker or lender. This means they have no way of denying the crimes!!! (.e. bank, contract, mail and wire fraud, money laundering which amounts to RICO claims etc.) just to name of few!

Hold them accountable for taking corrective action for unknowingly and unwillingly involving you in an elaborate mortgage fraud scheme in which you unsuspectingly paid them a commission for and as a result paid a higher mortgage payment and taxes than you could afford, lost any equity from the home improvements made to increase your properties value, evaporated what equity you had left, caused credit damage and the stress and strain of trying to keep a mortgage in which you had no ability to repay.

Corrective action includes stopping any 4closure, modifying the terms of your loan, getting you out of the loan entirely and compensating you according to the unfair business practice codes, if necessary?

The lender’s only reply will be that, “but you signed” the loan application didn’t you? Sure you did, reluctantly and on the premise that your loan officer told you that you could refinance shortly thereafter and reduce your payments, or you were told that you could use the funds you receive from the refinance to help you with the payments until they were able to refinance and reduce your payments or in the worst of cases, you were told to rent out a room in your house (to a stranger) until they were able to refinance and reduce your payments.

In any event, this is the Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Enterprise Activity that brought down the Industry!!! Your U.S. and Attorney General’s office is doing this as we speak, but their afraid to let everyone know due to a fear of an overwhelming influx of homeowner complaints and civil suits that their not prepared to handle!

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Happy Holidays,

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Mortgage Recovery Service Center provides mortgage loan evaluations to determine if they were in the best interest of the homeowner. If we determine that this is not the case, we conduct a comprehensive mortgage fraud investigation to determine if fraud was the cause of approving the loan which was not in the homeowners best interest. If it is apparent that fraud was apart of the loan process we produce a determination of fraud report which outlines the extent of the fraud, those who perpetrated it and the damage to the homeowner. At this point we are required by law to contact the lender and give them notice of the violations and hold them accountable for taking corrective action immediately. This would include but is not limited to: discharging the deed of trust or changing its terms. Some reasons for this are; 1). The performance of the deed of trust is impractical or commercially frustrated or, 2). When brokers and/or lenders fail to perform all or part of its obligation required by the deed of trust, namely where false, misrepresented or misleading information is used to induce the loan approval. In the later case the homeowner is entitled to legal relief and/or money damages. Together we can win! Thanks, Darryl Hutchinson
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